'Reflection' *SOLD*


Acrylic on board
80cm x 80cm


During this long Lockdown in Tamaki Makarau, especially on those tough days ~ I have been trying to focus on positive thoughts and reflecting on everything I have to be grateful for ~ What brings purpose, love and happiness to my existence... My son, my puppy, my family, my friends, nature and my creativity... All have been my saviour on my most anxious days and I am so grateful ~ especially to have my painting as my outlet.

'Reflection' is about reminding yourself of the good and everything you have rather than what you don't; It's about channelling that positive energy and using that to help bring others up also... Be Kind... It's about that feeling of purity and freedom on a beautiful day when the ocean is glistening with golden energy and everything feels right with the world... We will get there again Aotearoa... Kia kaha X

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