Fortitude II ~ Fundraiser for Cyclone Gabrielle

$110.00 - $250.00

Update on Fundraiser for Cyclone Gabrielle πŸ’™ All 30 prints for the charities have now been sold! Thank you so much to all of you for your aroha and support πŸ’• Together we have raised $1,200 to go towards Red Cross and the Mayoral Relief Funds πŸ₯° To those of you that are waiting on your print, they are now signed and on their way to the framers so am hoping to have them all on the way to you by early next week... Have a great week lovelies xx

My heart's broken for everyone suffering the devastating effects of this Cyclone at present and I've been trying to think what I can do to help when it all seems so overwhelming out there... So I've decided to release a new print with all profits going to Cyclone Gabrielle Community Support for the first 30 of the Edition, with a goal of raising $1,200 to aid the Red Cross and Mayoral Relief Funds in affected areas πŸ’™

I have chosen this design 'Fortitude' as a reminder of the fragility of life and the bravery it takes to overcome these obstacles. β€˜Fortitude’ represents strength and courage in the face of adversity ~ something displayed by so many throughout Aotearoa at present. There are so many whom have lost everything and it will take years to rebuild their lives and homes. I've chosen to re-create this print in Navy blue which represents trust and stability; something which so many inspiring people, charities and communities are providing for all of those affected to the best of their abilities right now... X

Their current goal is to raise $1 million to share between the two charities so let's see what we can raise together... Stay safe Kia Kaha my friends xx

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