'Finding The Light II' (acrylic on board)


Acrylic on board
90cm x 120cm

This new work was created during Lockdown and is a reflection of how I have seen humanity, across the globe, respond to this unprecedented situation we are currently living through... And how, despite the sincerely difficult times we are all facing, we have also been made aware of so many things to be grateful for and are seeing our lives, our connections with our families, our neighbours, our communities, our people and perhaps our perceptions in a new light...

The many shades of gold are associated with illumination, love, compassion and courage that is shining through in our society at present... The triangles, a recurring symbol across all of my works, also represent courage and direction and is a prominent symbol used in Fijian Tapa (simplified shark teeth) which represents protection, guidance and strength.

This painting marks a beginning of a whole new series for me which I feel also represents a whole new time in history for all of us... Although this time is difficult, I am excited to see what good it brings to us in a new world...

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