'Feeling the Pause' *SOLD*


'Feeling the Pause'
flashé (acrylic) on wood
100cm x 100cm

Following on from 'Finding the Light', I have just completed my next work in this new series of ideas and exploration created during lockdown... 'Feeling the Pause' takes inspiration from the hues of our sky and sea during this time where we have been enforced to pause... Somewhat uncomfortably in the silence of the streets and the quiet of our homes... And then awaken to the calm and the beautiful birdsong and cheery flights of fantails that have seemed to appear throughout Aotearoa bringing messages of hope... The triangles, a recurring symbol across all of my works, represent the courage and protection, guidance and strength which we have all needed during this trying time...💙

The skies and seas have cleared throughout the world in this brief but poignant moment in history, and that feeling of pause will never be forgotten and may never be felt again... Or perhaps just not again in our lifetimes... But certainly a time to appreciate the lessons and gifts this time has given us and to be remembered always... 💙

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